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DIY vs Designer Invitations

What’s your take on invites, DIY or have them done?

They’re can be some pros and cons.

DIY: With DIY you have total control of the out come , which can be good or bad. You can search out all your materials, which also can be good or bad. If you have specific taste it can sometimes be very difficult to find ready-made elements that fit your needs. You’re usually limited to flat printing, unless you find a printer who is willing to do small quantities for something like thermography or letterpress printing. And it is time consuming. Tips: Keep it simple, always account for extras, assemble with friends or bridal party, and allow at least a week of spare time to get everything together.

Using a Designer: If you have no idea what you want, a designer can help narrow it down. A designer should have a vast knowledge of paper, design elements, printing methods and embellishments to help you accomplish the aesthetic you’re looking for. A designer usually has a minimum amount of time for process to be complete. Ultimately using a designer saves you time by doing all the foot work for you. Keep in mind, in the end you still need to address them.


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